Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stop Talking, Start Doing

It happened innocently enough. I was folding laundry and caught 10 minutes of Nate Burkus' show during a segment called House Proud. A woman walked show cameras through her house decorated with make-do vintage-inspired furniture and decorations. Everything was so nice and pretty. And she seemed so satisfied by her design accomplishments. Suddenly, I felt ashamed of my drab home and completely inspired to tackle some spruce-up projects I've been meaning to get around to.

My house is pretty neat and tidy, but it's not decorated how I dream it could be. I envision a cozy cottage decor - rooms filled with thoughtfully placed nicknacks and cleverly repurposed thrift finds. Instead, I've let the kids and their stuff take over. I stopped shopping for my home and put all those funds toward the girls and their activities. And I gave up on home improvement projects and instead focused my energy on my business and family. All noble - but somewhere I lost the love of my home.

Though it might sound snobbish, I thought, "I'm better than this. I'm better than the procrastinating. I'm better than what I settle have settled for in my home decor." That set the tone of the holiday weekend, and we knocked out a few projects. And, you know, it didn't take that long!

In under one hour, my husband and I recovered the bench seat and made two fresh pillow covers. The "before" was pretty horrible - mismatched and dark. While this is simple, it feels so much cleaner and cheerful.

I like my view at the bottom of the stairs much better these days. No longer do I see a project I haven't gotten to. Now I see a reminder that it really doesn't take that long to make one thing nicer in my home.

We finished some other things this weekend too: Canned strawberries that were fresh picked from the field, re-organized our home office, and cleaned out a closet. Check, check, check! I hope to keep up this momentum and tackle the living room next - fresh pillow covers, some new decorations, and possibly new hardwood floors!

What's on your summer home-improvement list?


  1. I am working on the girls' bathroom... a new paint color on the walls, new curtains and some new artwork!

  2. Organizing and cleaning up the sewing space. Then we will see what is next. We did some major work last spring when my MIL moved to assisted living, so I am still basking in that!

  3. Yay for getting so many things checked off your list! The bench and pillows are adorable. Unfortunately, this year all my home-improvement energies are being directed at the yard. But watch out kitchen curtains—you're on my list...

  4. Feels so good to get things crossed off! Good luck keeping up that momentum - that's always the tough part for me! By the way, I mentioned your blog in a post I just put up - take a peek when you get a chance! :)