Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pin It

Somehow I got swept up in the excitement of joining a Flickr swap last week. Before I could click "Your Photostream," I was signed up for the Fab Little Pincushion Swap. I haven't participated in a Flickr swap in quite some time and am excited to be back in the saddle. They're such fun!

I created this mosaic as inspiration for my partner but accidentally forgot to grab the credits from the Mosaic Maker. By the time I realized my error, someone had closed the browser I was working in. If any of these are yours, please leave a comment so I can give proper credit!

And here is a sneak peak I uploaded today. I'm hoping to get some feedback that my partner likes this direction. The Bird Pincushion pattern is from DIY Dish and is by Joel Dewberry. The fabric is by Tanya Whelan.

Hope you're having a productive week. What are you making?

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