Monday, April 16, 2012

X-tra Special Gift

My half brother starts high school next fall at a school affectionately known locally as "St. X." I thought it would be fun to make him a quilt with an "X" in it as a birthday/8th grade graduation gift.

To start the process, I decided to do a little internet searching for block patterns. What I found is a big ole party around the Japanese X block!

photo credit: Amy from Badskirt

This fantastic block is all over Flickr. Most of them seem to have been made from a tutorial by Amy on her blog Badskirt.

I have some quick thinking and designing to do. Because this has to be done by the end of May, I don't think making a whole quilt out of this block is possible. But I could do a simple pattern on the front and then next one of these blocks on the backing? What do you think I should do?


  1. GO Bombers! We are a St. X family! I think if you use the royal blue and white or fabric with those colors it would be an awesome quilt. You could make a small X out of the blocks in the middle of the quilt with lots of negative space around it.

    Congrats to your brother!

  2. Love this block! I've made 33 for my quilt, but I started in December- this is definitely the most long suffering quilt I've made so far, and now it's on hold til the end of the contest of course. Maybe you could make 5-6 and stagger them in rows... kind of like Sarah Smith's Habitat quilt, if you remember that. Or you could do something like this, which looks pretty awesome: