Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yoga Bag Gift

**pardon the terrible iPhone photos!**

I have wanted to show you pics of this project for a while, but a certain someone for whom the project was a gift sometimes reads my blog. :-)

I made the Nigella Yoga Bag by Amy Butler. This is a free pattern download from her website. True to Amy's patterns, this one had impeccable directions that were easy to follow.

Admittedly, there were parts of the pattern when I wasn't convinced it would come together. But, with careful reading (over and over!), the instructions came through and all was as it should be.

The pattern has outside lined pockets and an interior lining. The handle is wide, and the interfacing gives it some serious heft. I splurged and purchased the interfacing called for in the pattern and was glad I did because the weight it adds makes the finished product look and feel more professional.

The only yoga I'll do in the next, oh, 5 years is the "carry the kid and the laundry basket" balance pose. :-) But I do hope the recipient (hi mom!), gets a little extra peace and serenity from her yoga practice so she can pass some my way.


  1. Hi! What a great gift and I love the fabric! So pretty!!

  2. Sarah, I love my new yoga bag - sure got noticed the other night at class. I recommend you add forward and backward bends to your balancing poses.