Sunday, October 30, 2011

Radio Silence

Many of you have commented that the last posting of the Stash Resolution podcast has no sound. Yeah... A massive technical glitch happened only made worse by a computer failure that caused the raw data to disappear.

This last frustrating experience has led me to make the decision to put the podcast on hold indefinitely. I have to throw up the white flag and admit defeat; time is not on my side these days. When I do get a rare hour to do something I want to do, honestly, I'd rather sew. I'm sure you can understand!

Don't get me wrong - I so enjoy the interaction it has afforded me over the last year and a half. I've made many wonderful virtual acquaintances as a result and hope to continue those in the blog forum. When I can get back to podcasting with regularity and when it feels like something I want to do - not another thing I HAVE to do - then you'll hear from me again. I promise! :-) Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and supportive of that little venture.

Enough of that. On to some Flickr eye candy! Though the color combo may be peaking, I love yellow and grey together.

1. All three yellow and grey nesting chairs pillows, 2. Grey and yellow linen clutch, 3. Gray Grey and Yellow Crochet Rug, 4. Mustard & Grey Quilt, 5. Miss Jenny with grey skies (front), 6. Grey Yellow Hair Clips , 7. Cuffed, 8. Kitschicagoan Yellow & Grey Mood Board, 9. sculpted skirt in light gray and yellow

I also created a Pinterest board for Yellow and Grey as my inspiration for my master bedroom re-do. What's your favorite color combo these days?

Be back in a few to announce the fat quarter bundle winner!


  1. I know about doing things that we feel we HAVE to do vs. things we WANT to do....I loved your podcast but also look forward to keeping up with you via your blog. Take care.

  2. I can't speak for everyone but certainly understand. You have a great deal on your plate and it should be enjoyable. I look forward to keeping up with you on your blog. I enjoy you if you are typing or talking!

  3. Yes, I totally understand. Thank you for the podcasts you did do. I'll follow your blog instead. Tami In Denver

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  5. I loved your podcast but i also love your blog, both have inspired me as a new quilter...Thanks!

  6. I definitely understand, but will miss your podcasts. I'll just have to check your blog more often. Thanks so much and Happy sewing!

  7. Bummer. I will miss your podcasts, but I more than understand wanting to sew in your free time. When my children were small, I couldn't have done half the things you are doing. Heck, my children are grown, and you still accomplish more than I do! I look forward to learning lots from your new blog. Thank You!!

  8. Although I totally understand your decision, I want you to know how much I enjoyed your podcast! We have a shared interest in both quilting and knitting as well as 2 daughters in common. Although mine are now 21 and 23 years old, I could totally relate to you, and relive the young years again! I got so much quilting done listening to your podcasts- thanks for them!
    I will continue to browse your blog and relisten to your episodes!
    Stay well!