Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, Isabelle was baptized. She wore the same gown her sister, Olivia wore. This was also the gown I was dressed in for my christening.

My Grandma Judy painstakingly sewed the dress. The details are incredible.

Eyelet trim, satin ribbon, and tiny button embellishments.

Pleats and lace.

The back as pretty as the front with the tiniest, most dainty snap closures you've ever seen.

Inside the dress on the lining, my name and christening date was embroidered.

I'm now adding my daughters' names and baptism dates and will take the gown to a cleaners to be washed and preserved in an acid-free box. Maybe someday my girls will want their girls to wear the gown. And, if not, that's okay - they can keep this family treasure tucked somewhere safe as a reminder of the many generations of blessings upon them.

Here is Isabelle's baptism shot with (left to right) her godmother, big-sister Olivia, Bill me, and her godfather. I couldn't get to Olivia's baptism shots, which are archived on a separate hard drive, and of course my photos are in an album in my mom's basement somewhere!? But you get the picture.

And here is Isabelle with Grandma Judy, the seamstress who made the gown nearly 30 years ago! I wonder if she is thinking about how time flies...


  1. This is so precious -- thank you for sharing this treasure! I love the embroidery of the names inside as well.

  2. So lovely Sarah! I especially love the embroidered names, what a treasure to pass on.

  3. Sarah- This is so special! Also are you going to have a podcast to go along with this blog (like you did on your old blog)? If so how would I get to it?


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  5. Beautiful dress. Your Grandma Judy did an amazing job. Love all the pictures.