Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Star is Born

I was going to start this quilt, but ended up going in a totally different direction. While on the Fresh Lemons blog, I got distracted by Faith's Solstice Stars. I decided to pick one block - the Ribbon Star - and build out a whole quilt.

The Ribbon Star is probably the simplest of the tutorials available, but I haven't done much with triangles. This feels like a good place to start.

The quilt will be 4 blocks wide by 5 blogs long. Each block measures 12". I organized the 20 blocks onto paper. I think this is a method Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! recommends, which I believe is where I picked it up. The organization really helps!

Four are completed with a fifth in progress. Each one takes about an hour to make.

This brings me to my weekly finishes and goals!

1. Mug Rug - blogged here
2. Cut fabric for the Ribbon Star quilt
3. Organized knitting (I know it's not sewing, but it needed to be done!)

1. Finish binding on Isabelle's quilt - a carry over from last week. Just a few inches to go.
2. Complete 10 Ribbon Star blocks
3. Cut fabric for this applique pillow
4. Buy supplies to make a market tote

What are your quilting/sewing/knitting goals for the week?


  1. I like the fabrics you're using for the start quilt. The quilt will look great. How big will it be when you're done? I can't wait to see Isabelle's quilt. AND I love the the applique pillow! How cute!!