Friday, March 23, 2012

In Bloom(ers)

My mom made a special quilt and outfit for Isabelle.

She completed the quilt top and made the outfit. I quilted and bound the quilt.

She followed a tutorial for the quilt top, selecting the pattern to show off the feature fabric in large blocks. This is her first complex pieced quilt, and she did an outstanding job!

Mom has an Etsy shop, LivvySue, where she sells adorable children's clothes, like these bloomers. Her craftsmanship is perfection. You should definitely check her items out!

Isabelle, who turned 7 months last weekend, already likes snuggling on her new quilt.

She will grow up knowing she has an amazingly generous grandmother who takes time out of her busy schedule to make lovely things for Isabelle and her big sister, Olivia.


  1. Absolutely beautiful - the quilt, the outfit and the baby doll enjoying them. What a cutie! Your Mom is so talented.

  2. So, so sweet, Sarah! Man, you make good babies! And the quilt and outfit are adorable.

  3. Isabelle is adorable! Her smile is so cute ! Happy Baby! The quilt and outfit are perfect! I'm off to shop at your mom etsy shop!

  4. Oh my! She is gorgeous as are the things your mother made. I cannot believe how quickly she is growing! Seriously I am in love with the picture of her big smiles! I could eat her up!