Saturday, December 17, 2011

All is Loud, All is Bright

The whole "calm" thing isn't happening so much around here these days! I feel like I've been running for about six weeks straight. Sun up (sometimes earlier) to sun down (and must definitely later), there is work to be done.
This picture (taken of my Christmas tree with a slow shutter speed) is a little symbolic of the madness! But it's also a beautiful time of year. I'm taking this weekend to slow down - just a little - to soak up the joy and wonder as seen through my daughter's eyes.
Doing some merry making, these Spool Birds made a fine pair of ornaments for the Cincinnati Modern Guild December swap.
And this felt garland tutorial from Purl Bee was a perfect mother-daughter project to adorn our fireplace. I cut out all the circle and put them in a bag.
Then, Olivia sat by me at the sewing machine and got to pick out of the bag and hand the circles to me. One after the other. She liked being "in charge," and the project only took about 1 hour start to finish! What about you? What are you making to decorate your homes for the holidays?

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