Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sewing Wish List

Well... I just took a bunch of pics to show you what I've been up to, and, of course, I'm having technical issues getting my computer and camera to sync. Why me? Instead, I'll point you toward a fab giveaway sponsored by CMQG friend Andie Johnson. Hop on over to her blog as she has quite a giveaway party going on over there. Also, in the spirit of the holiday season, I do every now and then think about my sewing wish list. Come on. Admit it. You do to. ;-) What's on my list this year? Thread. I'd like a beautiful box of thread. Doesn't have to be anything crazy expensive and fancy. I just need some more color selection. This one might do...
Embroidery patterns. I have lusted over this one and this one for so long now. Maybe I should just break down... no. must. have. self. control.
Last but not least - Yarn! I am knitting up a storm these days and need a little boost to my stash is much needed. Yarns that are soft to my little girls' skin is lacking. Debbie Bliss' Cashermino would be a welcomed add.
This is by no means a "hint, hint" to anyone in particular. Should I run into so extra cash this holiday season, these are the things I'd like to treat myself to. What about you? What's on your list? Finally, on a totally unrelated note, I am LOVING the Fluffy Fibers podcast. Isabelle is a fantastic hostess - so regal and elegant. And, well, I think she has a pretty fabulous name too.


  1. I saw that stitchery a long while ago. It's not so much the picture as the was on the wall in the lunch room of the school I attended and it's something that I have remembered throughout my life. I probably wouldn't buy it, but I do like it. =)