Thursday, September 13, 2012

Before I am Allowed to Start Anything Else...

... I have to finish this!

It's a block-of-the-month Christmas quilt I started back in - ahem! - 2010. Shame, shame. I know...

2010 was spent making the blocks-of-the-month. Then, the quilt languished in 2011 while I was pregnant and then in the newborn baby haze. I tried to work on it last fall but simply lacked the bandwidth.

And so now it is 2012. And I'm making my way through the sashing and piecing the top together. Perhaps we will enjoy the quilt this holiday season.

But, if not, there's always 2013. :)

Hope you all are having a fun, productive sewing week!


  1. Some of my projects are much older than this...
    Looks great!

  2. I remember you talking about this on the podcast! All the best finishing it. I'm working on a few Christmas projects this year for the first time.

  3. LOL, don't you worry I still have a BOM in its package....8+ years old. Look forward to seeing yours!

  4. I have looked all over for this pattern and can't find it anywhere. If you see it for sale please let me know.